Should You Send Affiliate Links to Your Email Subscribers?

Make Sales to your email subscribers without spamming #emailmarketing #blogging

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my Newsletter and pick up your free gift. Thanks for visiting!I was in a blogging forum the other day and one of the other members asked a question: “Is it OK to send affiliate links to my email subscribers?” There were a couple of thingsRead More »

Changes to Pinterest – Should You Be Worried?

Changes to Pinterest

(I wasn’t satisfied with the info I had on this post – so I kept digging and found more information. It’s been updated as of Oct. 14) Pinterest has been a wonderful social media platform for a lot of us bloggers. If you blog about something that has a strong visual aspect – like fashion,Read More »

7 Things You You Should Be Doing for More Blog Traffic

more blog traffic short

A week or so ago, I asked my email subscribers to tell me their problems. Well, not just any problems – but the things that they felt were holding them back from being successful with their blog. The #1 answer I got was “I NEED MORE TRAFFIC!!” Well, there are lots of things you canRead More »

21 Ways To Brainstorm Blog Post Ideas – Part 2

21 Ways to Brainstorm Blog Post Ideas Part Two

I started a list of brainstorming ideas for blog posts last week, but it was getting so long I decided to split it into two parts. So let’s get right into Part 2!   1) Check Out Conversations on LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook You can find groups that fit just about any niche on these socialRead More »

Take Action Reviews: Ageless Derma Natural Camofleur Makeup

Ageless Derma short

I received free product for this review. This post also has an affiliate link. Regardless, the opinions are honest and my own! I’m a mom, I’m a blogger – I’m busy, y’all. I don’t have a lot of time to spend dealing with makeup. Or at least that’s what I tell myself… I really haven’tRead More »

21 Ways To Brainstorm New Blog Post Ideas – Part 1

Blog Post Ideas

I have lots of ideas for writing blog posts. I don’t usually have any trouble coming up with ideas. Sometimes, I may have trouble figuring out how to turn my ideas into something that’s useful for you, but I’ve got ideas, baby! I always want to be sure that what I share here on theRead More »

7 Mistakes Made By Affiliate Marketing Beginners

Affiliate Marketing Mistakes Short

It’s probably not any secret that I love affiliate marketing as a way to monetize my blog – I’ve written so many posts about it already! But it’s one of those things where I don’t think you can ever learn “too much” – and the more you know, the better the chances of you actuallyRead More »

Categories and Tags: What Are They And Why Should You Use Them?

Categories and Tags

On my last blog post – 9 Things To Do Before You Publish Your Blog Post – I mentioned the importance of post categories and tags. The two are so important, in fact, that I wanted to do another post that was a little more focused in on them, because they used to confuse meRead More »

Writing a Blog Post: What I Do Before I Click On Publish

Blog Post Checklist Short

Writing a blog post is a pretty straightforward deal for me. I’m usually writing about things I know pretty well, so I just write what I’m thinking at the time. If it’s a more detailed or complicated subject, I might do a quick outline first to get my thoughts in order. But once all theRead More »

Priority Chef Dual Julienne and Vegetable Peeler Review

Priority Chef Dual Julienne and Vegetable Peeler

Priority Chef provided me with a free sample to test and review, but the opinions are very much my own! This review also contains affiliate links.   I want to help moms create successful and profitable blogs  – I want to inspire them to take action. So I understand if you’re wondering what the heck the Priority Chef Dual Julienne andRead More »