The Pretty Pintastic Party #111

Welcome to the Pretty Pintastic Party!

Hey there, new reader! I just met you, and this is crazy, but here’s a Free Social Media Checklist, so download, maybe? 😀 (and thanks for visiting!)  Welcome to the Pretty Pintastic Party, where every post is pinned & features are pinned by everyone!   First, let’s meet the hosts: Jamie, Kerry, & Lucy from CoffeeRead More »

How To Write Engaging Emails That Keep People Interested

Write Engaging Emails

One of the most thrilling things for a new blogger is when those first email subscribers start coming in. It takes determination and hard work to build a list – but even more so to build a responsive list. See, getting people to opt-in to is only the first part – what’s even more importantRead More »

15 Insanely Simple List Building Strategies

15 Simple List Building Strategies

One of the most profitable things you can do with your blog is build a list of subscribers. The amount of money that you need to spend to build your list is peanuts when compared to how much you can earn with it. Every single blogger I know says they wish they had started buildingRead More »

3 Mistakes To Avoid When Building An Email List From Scratch

3 Mistakes to Avoid Feature

When you’re building an email list from scratch, it can be really easy to get super excited to see lots of new sign-ups. In fact, you’d think that’s every blogger’s dream – a ton of new sign-ups every day to their email list. But like so many things in life – size doesn’t always matter. IRead More »

The Secret to A Successful Blog – It’s Easier Than You Think

Finding a Target Market for your blog

Everybody’s searching for the secret. You know, the secret to a super successful blog. The kind of blog that has readers that come back over and over again, that share your posts with their friends, that follow you on Facebook and Twitter, liking and sharing every status update and tweet. It seems so elusive –Read More »

The Zen of Blogging

Z is for Zen Blogging

This is the last post of the A-to-Z Blogging challenge. It took me a little longer to finish than expected because I had a freelance writing job come up and just didn’t have time for every day posting – and to be completely honest, it was burning me out a little. But here I amRead More »

Y is for YouTube – Using the Power of Video to Go Viral

Y is for YouTube

You know how good it feels to sit and talk with your best girlfriend? Just to grab a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine!) and sit and chat about what’s going on? Imagine if you could make everyone that reads your blog feel that way. That’s the power of video! If you haven’tRead More »

X is for eXtensions – My 5 Favorite Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

X is for extensions

I am a big fan of the Chrome browser. I was a big fan of Firefox before but switched to Chrome when it was first released just to check it out and never really looked back. One of the things I love about my Chrome are all the great extensions for bloggers! I’ve found quite aRead More »

W is for Widgets – What the Heck Is a WordPress Sidebar Widget?

W is for Widget

One of the coolest things about WordPress blogs is how easily you can personalize them, and one of the easiest ways to do that is by using WordPress sidebar widgets. What are widgets? From WPBeginner: “A WordPress Widget is a small block that performs a specific function. You can add these widgets in sidebars also knownRead More »

V is for Video – How To Make Videos Even If You’re Camera Shy

V is for Video

Video is huge. There’s just no two ways about it: If you want to be successful online, you’re going to have to – at least occasionally – make some videos. People LOVE videos. Did you know people watch over 6 BILLION hours of video on Youtube each month? Every month! That’s just insane! Also, GoogleRead More »