The Pretty Pintastic Party #47

Welcome to the Pretty Pintastic Party!

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my Newsletter and pick up your free gift. Thanks for visiting!Hey everybody! It’s Friday, and I couldn’t be happier! Every day this week, we’ve gotten just a little bit closer to the US – right now, we’re getting some Peruvian documents translated into English andRead More »

How to Best Integrate Social Media Into Your Blog Design

Social Media Share Button Integration

Social media is such a huge part of blogging these days. It’s almost impossible to imagine having a blog without using social media to bring traffic in. And still – I see so many people who aren’t taking full advantage of what social media can do for them! Integrating social media into your blog designRead More »

The Pretty Pintastic Party #46

Welcome to the Pretty Pintastic Party!

 Important!!! It has come to our attention that some of you are not repinning the features! This is a key to making this party successful so please don’t skip it!! If this trend continues, we will begin to pick features only from those who repin. But as always all posts are pinned; features pinned byRead More »

10 Quick and Healthy Energy Boosting Snacks For Busy Moms

10 Pick-Me-Up Snacks for Busy Moms Short

Being a  stay at home mom is work. And when you’re trying to build a successful, profitable blog too – well, it take a lot of energy to get it all done. Between home, kids and blog, there’s always something pulling at your sleeve that needs to be taken care of. And we all knowRead More »

5 Simple Tweaks For Your WordPress Layout That Can Increase Your Blog Earnings

5 Simple Tweaks

In the world of blogging, it’s all about your content, right? You’ve probably heard it a million times – “Gotta have good content! Content drives traffic! People follow you for your content!” I’m pretty sure I’ve said all those things here on this blog, in fact. But there’s something else that’s important – and that’sRead More »

The Pretty Pintastic Party #45

Welcome to the Pretty Pintastic Party!

OMGosh, you guys! I’m so excited to be the newest host of the Pretty Pintastic LInk-Up: The linky party where ALL the links get pinned! From now on, every Friday morning you can find the Pretty Pintastic Party right here on The Take Action WAHM. I love this party because it’s high on fun, lowRead More »

Creating a Killer About Me Page for Your Blog: 5 Things Your Readers Want to Know

5 Things You Need to Tell Your Readers on Your About Me Page

When we talk about blog design and usability, we’re talking about the things on your blog that help your readers use your site more efficiently. Dudes – I swear I just heard your eyes glazing over while you read that.  Mine glazed over writing it! But it has to be said.  Your design isn’t aboutRead More »

3 Tips That Will Keep Readers On Your Blog and Lower Your Bounce Rate

3 Tips to Keep Readers On Your Blog Longer2

On last week’s post, I talked about how important it is to have an uncluttered blog design, and how your goal should be to lead your readers into taking the actions that help you achieve your goals as a blogger. What are those goals? Well, it depends on your blog, and sometimes on a specificRead More »

Is Your Blog Design Scaring Readers Away?

Is Your Blog Design Chasing Readers Away?

When it comes to blog design, there’s a fine line between functional and frivolous. There are features you can add to your site that are effective, that truly help the reader experience, and then, there is overkill. When you first start blogging, it’s easy to get super excited about all the plugins and widgets that are availableRead More »

How To Add An Opt-In Box to Your WordPress Blog

How to Add an OptIn Box to Your Blog

The most important thing that a blogger can do – and the one thing that so many put off for way too long – is to start building an email list. Your list is truly the most important asset you have as a marketer – and if you’re a blogger who intends on earning money,Read More »