The Pretty Pintastic Party #69

Welcome to the Pretty Pintastic Party!

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my Newsletter and pick up your free gift. Thanks for visiting!Hey there Y’all! Happy Friday! It’s been a super hectic week with back to school – so I’m gonna get right to the party today –  Welcome to the Pretty Pintastic Party where all postsRead More »

How to Get Started With Periscope – Tips To Help You Do It Right!

How to Get Started With Periscope

Hey Y’all! We’ve got a guest post today from Sarah Noel – Mama, Mrs. and Marketer behind the wonderful blog, Sarah Smirks. Sarah commented on one of my posts over on SITS Girls and I was so intrigued by the name of her blog, I had to go check it out. What I found impressed me so much I beggedRead More »

The Pretty Pintastic Party #68

Welcome to the Pretty Pintastic Party!

Happy Friday, Y’all! It finally happened! I’ve been crying about it for WEEKS – and we finally got our confirmation from US Immigrations – the first step of our Visas has been approved – YAY!!! Can you say Hallelujah??  Next step – medical exams and interviews – there’s still a lot to do to make allRead More »

10 Ways To Get More Followers for Your Blog

boost blog following

Starting a blog is pretty easy. Creating a successful blog with dedicated followers – well, that’s not so easy. Every single day, there are thousands upon thousands of new blogs that spring into creation, and most of them will never be seen by anyone. Remember a sentence ago when I said it’s not easy? Well,Read More »

The Pretty Pintastic Party #67

Welcome to the Pretty Pintastic Party!

Welcome to the Pretty Pintastic Party where all posts are pinned & features are pinned by all! It’s been yet another week of waiting and hoping for some response from the US Embassy – still nothing. Even more frustrating, someone I know who put in their application AFTER me already got their approval! All IRead More »

How to Delete Old Post Revisions In WordPress

5 Minute blog tip

Blog maintenance is one of those things no one really likes to think about, but when you’re on WordPress, there are certain things that you need to do to keep your blog running smoothly. Not only is it important for your readers, it’s also an important part of your search engine optimization – Google takesRead More »

Get More Views and More Likes On Your Facebook Fan Page

get more view and likes short

There are lots of methods out there for getting more views and more likes on your Facebook fan page. And I’ve tried plenty of them! I think my biggest problem is that I’ve never really stuck with one long enough to see it work – I get distracted (Look! SQUIRREL!) or bored, or worse, feel likeRead More »

10 Time Management Tips To Better Organize Your Day

Time management

Lately, it seems like time has been my enemy. I have so many things I want to do and there’s just not enough time to get it all done! But if I’m being honest, the problem isn’t really time itself, the real problem is my poor time management habits – and talking to you guys, IRead More »

My 7 Favorite Non-Essential WordPress Plugins

7 NonEssential WordPress Plugins That Make Blogging More Fun

While some WordPress plugins (like auto backups) can be considered essential, others are mostly nonessential, but make blogging simpler and more fun. This is a list of some of my absolute FAVORITE nonessential plugins – see what you think of them!

WriterHelpWanted – Learn to Make Money by Writing

how to make money writing

It’s not really a secret that there’s a common theme running through just about every online business. There’s one thing that’s critical to the success of them all – Writing.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re a blogger, if you’re writing ebooks, freelancing, working as a virtual assistant… If you work online, most of your business isRead More »