The Pretty Pintastic Party #91

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my Newsletter and pick up your free gift. Thanks for visiting!You’ve got a blog, you spend a lot of time working on it and you want to make money, right? Well, last month, NYT bestselling author, Ron Douglas, and content marketing expert, Alice Seba, rounded upRead More »

Turning Your Brilliant Ideas Into Positive Action

Turn your brilliant ideas into positive action.

So many times, I’m sitting at my desk working and I have like a flood gate of ideas open. It can be kind of overwhelming! Nothing feels more exciting than having a bunch of brilliant ideas that you know have potential to help people and – let’s face it – earn you some money. TheRead More »

Is Your Blog Destroying Your Marriage?

Don't Let Your Blog Destroy Your Marriage

Sometimes, with all the business of blogging, and emailing, and social media – oh, and feeding, dressing and keeping the kids alive! – all the days tend to blur together and you realize, you can’t remember the last time you spent any quality time with your husband. It’s important, as a blogger and entrepreneur, toRead More »

Why You Need To Stop Procrastinating and Start Building a List

Stop Procrastinating Start Building a List wide

So you’ve got your blog up and going, it’s starting to get a little bit of traffic. But the sad fact of the matter is that most of those people are going to stop by one time, read the post they came for – and never come back. Oh, they’ll want to come back. TheyRead More »

The Good, Bad and Ugly of Being a Mom Who Blogs

The Pros and Cons of Being a Mom Blogger

I’ve talked a lot with y’all over the last couple of years about how to create a successful, profitable blog. And I’ve talked about a lot of the great reasons for being a blogger, and why I think it’s basically the BEST job in the world. (Ok, professional puppy snuggler might be better, but I don’tRead More »

How to Balance Blogging and Family During the Holidays

How to Balance Blogging with the Holidays

It seems like this time of year, all our best laid plans and schedules for our blog fly right out the window. Sure, you try to keep up with all your posting and marketing… but the kids are home on vacay, your husband has more days off, maybe you’re even traveling or have family staying inRead More »

How to Get Started With Periscope – Tips To Help You Do It Right!

How to Get Started With Periscope

Hey Y’all! We’ve got a guest post today from Sarah Noel – Mama, Mrs. and Marketer behind the wonderful blog, Sarah Smirks. Sarah commented on one of my posts over on SITS Girls and I was so intrigued by the name of her blog, I had to go check it out. What I found impressed me so much I beggedRead More »

10 Ways To Get More Followers for Your Blog

boost blog following

Starting a blog is pretty easy. Creating a successful blog with dedicated followers – well, that’s not so easy. Every single day, there are thousands upon thousands of new blogs that spring into creation, and most of them will never be seen by anyone. Remember a sentence ago when I said it’s not easy? Well,Read More »

How to Delete Old Post Revisions In WordPress

5 Minute blog tip

Blog maintenance is one of those things no one really likes to think about, but when you’re on WordPress, there are certain things that you need to do to keep your blog running smoothly. Not only is it important for your readers, it’s also an important part of your search engine optimization – Google takesRead More »

Get More Views and More Likes On Your Facebook Fan Page

get more view and likes short

There are lots of methods out there for getting more views and more likes on your Facebook fan page. And I’ve tried plenty of them! I think my biggest problem is that I’ve never really stuck with one long enough to see it work – I get distracted (Look! SQUIRREL!) or bored, or worse, feel likeRead More »