Writing a Blog Post: What I Do Before I Click On Publish

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If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my Newsletter and pick up your free gift. Thanks for visiting! Writing a blog post is a pretty straightforward deal for me. I’m usually writing about things I know pretty well, so I just write what I’m thinking at the time. If it’s a moreRead More »

Priority Chef Dual Julienne and Vegetable Peeler Review

Priority Chef Dual Julienne and Vegetable Peeler

Priority Chef provided me with a free sample to test and review, but the opinions are very much my own! This review also contains affiliate links.   I want to help moms create successful and profitable blogs  – I want to inspire them to take action. So I understand if you’re wondering what the heck the Priority Chef Dual Julienne andRead More »

3 Ways to Market Affiliate Products on Your Blog

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Since last Monday was a holiday, this is our first Blog Workshop for September.  Our topic for this month is going to be about using your blog to market your business. Now, I talk about this in the workshop – but I want to say it again here: Your Blog is NOT Your Business! YourRead More »

How to Write Reviews That Drive Clicks and Sales To Your Affiliate Products

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When you start thinking about buying something new, what’s the first thing you do? If you’re like most of us, you probably go online and look for reviews to see what other people have to say about it. There are lots of ways to do that – you can look up professional reviews from sitesRead More »

Get More Traffic With Trending Topics

More Blog Traffic

It’s one thing to get traffic to your site by sharing your links – it’s a whole other ball of wax to write posts that other people want to share and tell their friends about. One way you can do that is by “piggy-backing” on topics that are already popular. Ellen Degeneres is a GENIUSRead More »

7 Steps To Finding the Perfect Affiliate Program

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When I started my first real blog, I was mostly blogging about my life living in Lima, Peru. A huge part of that was learning about the local cuisine, so I posted a lot of recipes for Peruvian dishes as I learned to cook them. Well, it wasn’t long before I started getting emails andRead More »

#Blog Workshop: How One Mom Quit Her Job and Turned Her Blog Into a Full Time Income

One Mom Quit Her Job

This month on the Blog Workshop, we’ve been focused on how you can create income by offering services on your blog. One of the best things about offering services is that it’s a quick way to start making money with your blog. It doesn’t take as much traffic as you need to earn money withRead More »

The Beginner’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

As a blogger, one of the biggest questions you’ll have to answer is this: How do you monetize your blog? Fact is, you’ve got to sell something. You may sell ad space, you may sell products, you may sell services. But one of the simplest and most lucrative ways to make money on your blogRead More »

Using PLR Articles to Provide Content for Your Blog

PLR Content for blogging

Over the weekend, I sent out an email with a link to a great PLR content offer. Well, I got a couple of emails back in response, mostly from people who had questions about PLR – what is it, what is it good for and whether or not it was ethical.  So I thought I’d answerRead More »

Blog Workshop: Make Money Online Promoting Your Services

Make Money Online Selling Services #blogtips #BlogWorkshop

This month, Jackie and I are going to be talking about things you can do to start making money with your blog – after all, for most of us, that’s the goal, right? We all know that it can take time to build a following, to start getting traffic and see results from your labor.Read More »