How to Get Started With Periscope – Tips To Help You Do It Right!

Hey Y’all! We’ve got a guest post today from Sarah Noel – Mama, Mrs. and Marketer behind the wonderful blog, Sarah Smirks. Sarah commented on one of my posts over on SITS Girls and I was so intrigued by the name of her blog, I had to go check it out. What I found impressed me so much I begged her to come write a post for us here. You can follow her on Twitter or Facebook – and let her know you read her post here! 


How to Get Started With Periscope - Everyone sucks at Periscope right now - because it's so fresh, everyone is a newbie! Find out how you can get in and get started on this popular new social media platform. Hello!  I’m Sarah Noel, writer and branding whisperer behind Sarah Smirks:  The Marketing Mama Blog.  I write about blogging and marketing tips for bloggers and small businesses. Shoot over to my corner of the internet to check it out.

Everyone sucks at Periscope.  It went live in March, so it is brand spanking new (in the social media world, anyway).  We’re all just stumbling along trying to figure out how to work this social media platform that was so awesome Twitter bought them before they even went live.  I am a chronic researcher, so, as I stumbled along trying to figure out Periscope, I have written down the things I have learned.  I also read a lot of articles on Periscope so, cheers to sucking less!  Here’s what I’ve learned along the way.

1)  Let’s start with branding (because I’m a little into branding ;-):  Periscope pulls your picture and profile from Twitter, so make sure that your Twitter account is set up and branded well.  Use the same profile picture that you use across your other blog or small business social media accounts as well as the same keyword-rich bio.  Make sure that you can be found based on your niche.  The bios that look like –> “coffee lover.  blogger.  beer snob. etc” are cute for personal, but they don’t have the necessary keywords to be found easily if people are searching for a service/product in your niche (You can learn more about Twitter branding and growing your followers with engaged followers here).  On Periscope, you want to be found by keyword, so make sure you have the right ones.


2)  Set-up your account using Twitter:  It’s very easy to join Periscope because Twitter and Periscope are thicker than blood.  All you have to do is download the app, sign-in with your Twitter credentials, and you’ll be prompted to find people to follow.  Periscope will sync with your Twitter contacts and recommend that you follow them.  It’s a great place to start.  They also find the most popular users and recommend them to you.  Don’t forget to set your settings preferences.  The default alerts you of everything.  That’s a lot of alerts. Check out How to Use Periscope by Alaia Williams for more.


3)  Follow your audience:  In order to grow your followers, follow people that fit your reader/buyer profile.  If you don’t know who your audience is, you can look at Google Analytics.  If you go under audience, you can see your readers demographics.  You can find their gender, age, & interests.  Another way to find your audience, is to look at your competitors.  Who is following them?  They are most likely the people who would follow you as well.

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4)  Use the right equipment:  The first time I did a Periscope, it was a HOT MESS.  I was outside, so there was ambient noise.  My camera was moving all over the place because I was walking.  I re-watched it and got motion sick.  So, my advice is to use a bluetooth or headphones with a mic for the sound.  Another useful little item would be a phone tripod.  If you don’t have one, you can prop your phone on some books.  As long as your phone is secure and stationary, you’re good to go.


5)  Write an outline:  I have watched so many Periscopes that are rambling messes.  We’re all just trying to figure it out, so no one is great at it.  To be better though, have an outline of what you want to cover.  Periscope is live.  You have little hearts popping up.  You have comments coming in.  People are joining.  There’s a lot happening.  It’s so easy to get lost.  Stay on track by having that outline right in front of you.  Include an introduction to yourself and your business, your topics, and a call to action at the end.  What do you want your viewers to do when they’re done watching your Periscope?  Show your audience you have an outline.  People enjoy knowing you’re human and not perfect.


6)  How to start your first broadcast:  Pick a keyword rich title that’s also catchy and makes people want to tune in. I usually use my blog post titles since those are the topics I’m ‘scopin on.  The default camera setting is set to use the camera that faces away from you, so choose something good to focus on when you start.  I usually have it facing my computer with my blog pulled up.  You also have a few decisions to make before your start your broadcast.  Do you want to share your location?  Do you want it private and invitation only?  Do you want your followers to be the only ones that can watch your scope (that’s what the cool kids call it)?  Do you want your scope Tweeted out to promote it?  Choose your settings and then hit broadcast.


7)  Engage with your audience:  The first time I did a Periscope, I had on sunglasses.  I couldn’t see a thing happening on that screen.  I was fairly sure I was talking to myself.  At one point my sunglasses slid down my nose and I saw people commenting and liking.  I literally stopped mid-sentence and said, “Oh shit, people are actually watching me right now?”  When people take a minute to comment as you’re speaking, try and acknowledge them or answer their question.  That is the fun of Periscope.  You get to engage with your audience right there.  Take advantage! You can see my recap of my hot mess of a Periscope here.


8)  Re-watch your Periscope:  Learn from your past.  Watch your Periscope and take notes.  What would you do differently next time?  Football teams go over their game footage, why not you?
Now, you’re all set to Periscope!  Remember to plan ahead and have fun with it.







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45 responses on How to Get Started With Periscope – Tips To Help You Do It Right!

  1. I haven’t used periscope in ages. I need to get back on there and start scoping, but my issue is that I always forget.

  2. I am obsessed with watching periscope. I won’t broadcast on it because the number of trolls on there freak me out. But there is some amazing content available.

    1. I really haven’t spent as much time checking it out as I should – partly because I just spent 5 months without a computer and am busting my butt just trying to catch up! But it’s definitely on my list.

  3. These are great tips! I would also suggest going into your followers and interacting with them when they scope as well, and ask everyone to share your scope when you are live! What is your scope handle? I’d love to follow you!

    1. Thanks so much for those tips, Skye! I haven’t actually started scoping yet – I’ve got my hands full! This is a guest post from Sarah Noel at, and her scope handle is mama_marketer – you should check her out!

  4. I keep hearing about Periscope here and there the last few weeks and had NO idea what it was or about at all. This post really opened my eyes up to something I may need to sign up for in the near future. It seems like social media is always changing and there is always some new “it” program to use

    1. I totally get that – social media is really a matter of finding out where your audience is and connecting with them in a way you feel comfortable. I use mostly Pinterest and Facebook, because that’s what works for me. I do love doing how to videos, though!

    1. If you’ve got a good thing going with social media, don’t stress too much about jumping into anything new. I really only move into something new if I think it’s a good fit for my niche.

    1. You know, video doesn’t scare me, but LIVE video does 😀 I used to do live workshops on Google hangouts, but it was with another blogger so it was easy to keep a conversation going. On my own? I don’t know!

    1. I’m not crazy about doing live video either – but I think it’s really the wave of the future. Even Facebook has FB Live now, and everyone is starting to use it.

  5. I’m probably one of the last people to not have a Periscope account. lol I don’t really like hearing myself talk, so I’m not sure anyone else would either. I’d have to figure out my purpose before starting there. The good part is, I went to check my Twitter account to make sure it was up-to-date.
    Mimi recently posted…Kohl’s Cares For EasterMy Profile

  6. I tried to hop on board the Periscope train, but I love watching them more than I would ever like doing a Periscope. I love the Google Analytics tip though- that’s good no matter what you do.

    1. Whatever language feels more comfortable to you. There’s an advantage to doing English, simply because it’s got a larger audience. But by the same measure, you’d have less competition by doing it in your own language.

    1. I totally agree – With Facebook Live, Vine, and all the others, it’s becoming an important way to get in front of your followers. Thanks for stopping by!

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