How to Write an Expert Byline For More Targeted Traffic to Your Blog

How to Create the Perfect Author Bio Box (Plus free download with 13 Byline templates for bloggers and freelancers!)All right, let’s be honest here: How often do you read an article and then look at the author box to see who wrote it?

Almost never, right?

We all know that one of the most effective ways to get exposure and traffic for your blog is by being published on other sites. Whether it’s a guest post for another blog or an article submission to a site like Huffington Post, it can bring massive traffic to your blog.

But all the guest posts in the world won’t bring you any traffic if readers aren’t clicking through on your bio box!

That’s why it’s really important that your byline gets attention and draws people into learning more about you (or at least about your blog!)

Here are 4 quick tips to help you make sure you have clickable bylines:

#1: Forget what you think you know; It’s not about you!

It might be called a “bio box”, but it’s really not meant to be your biography. The reader doesn’t care if you’re married and have 3 “fur babies”.  They want to know what you can do for them. So forget writing your biography; give the readers what they need.

#2: You may need more than one byline.

Yes, it’s going to be more work, at least at the start. But if you blog about different topics (say recipes and homeschooling) you need to tailor your bylines to be specific to the article’s content. If you’re writing a guest post about homeschooling, you don’t want your byline to link to “87 Ways to Use Ground Beef”.  You’re going to want to link them to something that is pertinent to homeschooling.

I wrote about using landing pages over at The Sits Girls – this is the kind of situation where you may actually want to create several landing pages for your bylines that are specific to the article or post topic.  (Also – my author box on that site is the WORST! It was the first time I’d done much writing for another site, and I didn’t know what I know now!)

#3: Make your article lead into the byline.

Whatever you offer in your byline, whether it’s a link to your opt-in or some other type of landing page, you want your article to flow into it.  Your byline should more or less be a conclusion to your article.

For example, if your article is about using household objects to teach math to your homeschooled kids, then your byline might mention that this isn’t the only thing you can do with common household objects, and then link to an article or free report on using them to teach science.

#4: Give a specific call to action.

Don’t mince words or beat around the bush! Tell your reader exactly what you want them to do. If you’re wishy-washy, they’ll just move on. So many readers move on without taking action, because they aren’t really sure what action you want them to take. If you want them to click – tell them to click!

Guest posting can do amazing things for your traffic and visibility. But you need to create the right byline to go with your posts. Following these tips will help you make it happen!





PS: If you’d like a really easy way to put these tips into action…

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23 responses on How to Write an Expert Byline For More Targeted Traffic to Your Blog

  1. This is are four excellent tips Kelly!

    Isn’t it amazing, that just by creating a more
    effective author bio box, we can definitely
    help increase our targeted traffic.

    And I also like tip # two, it’s one I’d never even
    considered before now, thanks so much for sharing all
    four of your excellent tips,you’ve definitely giving me
    much to consider!
    Mark recently posted…How Savvy Entrepreneurs Turn Advertising Costs Into Marketing Profits!Part TwoMy Profile

    1. It’s SO important – the main reason for guest posting is to introduce yourself to a new audience, so you’ve got to make sure they check out your bio. Thanks for saying Hi, Cami 🙂

  2. Hey Kelly, Sorry just getting to this now, it was like it was written for me 🙂 homeschooling and recipes here, lol. Love that you said it is important to tell your readers exactly what to do. I sent out a newsletter and my SIL is on the list, she texted me the answer to a question because she wasn’t sure how to reply to the email. (even though I had included in the message to hit “reply”) goes to show sometimes we -being me- need to be super clear! Thanks for this 🙂
    Jen recently posted…How-to raise a reader, when you HATE reading!My Profile

  3. Great tips! Is a “bio box” the same as your photo/about you blurb? I’m new to blogland so there’s so much to learn and figure out! I have recently putting in a “don’t forget to share” line at the bottom of my posts with links to my SM so we’ll see if I get a bump there. Visiting from Pretty Pintastic Party.

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