How to Use BoardBooster and Why It’s The ONLY Pinterest Tool I Use


I say that with no exaggeration – I’m totes serious, y’all.

Let me tell you why.

See, I used to use a spreadsheet to share my pins. I listed the link of every pin I had down one side, and then across the top, I put the names of all my group boards.

During the day, I literally set an alarm to go off every 30 minutes, and I’d run to my spreadsheet and pin the next pin on the list to the next board.

It worked, but it was NOT efficient. Every half hour, I’d get interrupted from whatever I was doing. It was SO annoying to be all hip deep into writing a blog post only to have that alarm go off and bust up my train of thought.

And if I wasn’t home or online, there was no pinning being done (OK, I’m always online but still).

So finally, I gave the BoardBooster free trial a go.

And I think I did what EVERYBODY does when they get that free trial – I clicked on the tab for “Pinning Tools” and then chose the scheduler, and it opened up a window

That’s a list of every board I have on Pinterest.

And all I had to do was pick which boards I wanted BoardBooster to schedule to. You can set up as many as you want, but you have to do it in groups of no more than 10, so I picked my first 10 boards and BoardBooster got to work creating 10 secret boards with the same name (they put a (-) minus sign in front of the name so you can tell them apart).

Then I did 10 more, and 10 more – until I had 30+ secret boards. Then I started scheduling. You do that by pinning to your secret boards, and BoardBooster will (according to the schedule you decide on!) repin it out to the real board of the same name.

Basically, if I want to schedule pins to my board “Chicken Recipes”, I would pin them to my secret board called “-Chicken Recipes”, and then over time, BoardBooster would repin them to the actual board, and delete them from the secret board. Brilliant, right?

So I started going through my spreadsheet and scheduling the pins out to the secret boards. I would do 50 or so at a time, which would get me through a couple of days without having to worry about it – and BoardBooster would pin them out to the public boards exactly as expected.

It was AWESOME – and it worked like gangbusters, y’all. I was getting pins out consistently, getting more pinned in a day than I was when I did them all manually – and it didn’t take long until it showed in my analytics. The daily number of new followers I got DOUBLED and I was getting more traffic to my blog from Pinterest because I was getting more pins out there.

But then, me being me, I got lazy. I started “forgetting” to schedule my pins. And I had days where, instead of 25-30 pins going out, I only had 6 or 7.

I’m not proud of that.

Then one day, I saw someone on Facebook talking about “looping” their pins with BoardBooster. And I was all “WHHAAAAT?”

Y’all, looping is the most awesome thing ever in the history of the world. (Ok, this time I may be exaggerating. But only a little.) Let me tell ya ’bout it.

How to Loop Pins With BoardBooster

Click on that “Pinning Tools” tab on BoardBooster again, and choose “Looping” – then all you do is select which board you want to loop, and BB does the rest.

Every day, it will take a number of pins from the bottom of your board and repin them to that same board. So your old pins are constantly getting back into the rotation!

You get to pick how many pins to do each day. You can also set it up to check after a few days, and remove the duplicate from your board – and it will remove the one with the fewest number of shares.

(Pinterest is in the middle of changing the way they show repin counts and I’m not sure how this is going to affect looping. I’m assuming it’s not going to cause any major problems)

And as you keep adding new pins to your board, they just get added to the rotation.

But wait – there’s more! 

BoardBooster has another feature that is even more awesome than looping – I KNOW, how is that possible? Keep reading and find out!

How to Schedule a Campaign With BoardBooster

BoardBooster has another feature called campaigns. There are two different types of campaigns, random or scheduled. They both do basically the same thing, just in different ways. I went with the random campaign because it seemed to fit my needs better. BoardBooster explains it like this:

Random Campaigns pull random pins from the source defined by you and repins them to any number of group boards. You can designate one or more of your boards as the source of pins or provide a list of pins that you hand picked for this campaign. All you need to do is specify the number of repins per day for each group board, and BoardBooster will automatically repin the right number of pins from your source while minimizing repetitiveness.

It’s slightly more complicated than looping, but only very slightly. Let me explain:

I created a “Source board”, and for my purposes, I made it a secret board.

Next, I chose the group boards I wanted as “target boards” for repins from the source board.

Then, I filled up the source board with all the pins I wanted repinned to my group boards, told it to repin once a day to each board and that was it!

So now, when I write a blog post, I pin it to my main blog board, and then repin to my secret “source board”.  And that’s the ONLY TIME I will ever have to pin that pin!

BoardBooster will automagically share it out to all my group boards over time, AND loop it forever on my main board. And I only ever had to pin it twice. Do you see how much time and frustration this can save?

The way I’ve got things set up, I’m sending out about 30 pins a day – not many, I’ve seen people sending out over a hundred each day. I even read a post from one blogger who is doing 8000 pins a month this way! But I didn’t want to jump into it too fast and look spammy or unnatural to the Pinterest algorithm – better to start a little slow and build up.

Also, I’m still doing my regular “for fun” pinning manually – I pin from blog posts I visit and I repin dozens of pins a day, because I love Pinning and because it’s the right thing to do. Are you only pinning your own pins? Why, that’s just rude!

If you’re having a hard time staying consistent with pinning, or if you’re tired of spending half the day trying to pin your pins manually – then you need BoardBooster!

Click here and try it for yourself – then tell me if you think it’s as awesome as I think it is!