Turning Your Brilliant Ideas Into Positive Action


So many times, I’m sitting at my desk working and I have like a flood gate of ideas open. It can be kind of overwhelming! Nothing feels more exciting than having a bunch of brilliant ideas that you know have potential to help people and – let’s face it – earn you some money.

The hard part comes when you’re so overwhelmed by those ideas that you don’t know how to start taking action on them. Maybe there’s too many ideas at once, or maybe your idea is for something you’ve never done before and you’re just a little-bitty-teensy-weensy bit afraid to start – or you just don’t know WHERE to start.

Never fear! I am on this like sour cream and chives on a baked potato. I’ve been in that situation, sitting in that hot seat hundreds of times, and I’ve figured out a few steps that will help you get started taking positive, consistent action to bring your brilliant ideas to life.


#1 – Make a list. 
I can not stress the importance of this enough. It’s something about the way my brain is wired – I get a lot of ideas all at once, but if I don’t write them down they might as well have never been thought. In order to turn your ideas into action, you need to be able to remember them – so write them down!

You can do it on your computer – I keep a document on Google Docs, just for that. Or, if you’d rather, keep a notebook and write things down. However it works best for you – but do it or your BEST. IDEA. EVER. may be lost to the world until someone else does it and then you spend the next year slapping yourself for not doing it when you first thought of it.

#2 – Create your plan of attack.
You have an idea – awesome! Now you need to figure out a plan of action – how are you going to make it happen? Figure out what steps are involved, and write them down as a series of goals. Break big steps into smaller ones.

Having a plan to follow makes it so much easier to keep taking consistent action. When you’re sitting there thinking “Well, what do I do now?” your plan will tell you!

#3 – Believe That You’ve Got This
If you’ve ever read the book Dune, you probably remember the “Litany Against Fear”:

I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer.

Well, fear is also the idea killer, the action killer. Fear will stop you from following your dreams and taking action on your amazing ideas.

You know what kicks fear right in the balls? Taking action. True story.

Once you start moving, once you start getting some forward momentum, you’ll stop second guessing yourself.

And you know what else? You need to stop giving a damn what anyone else thinks about it or what they’re gonna say – because they’re gonna say something anyway. People love nothing more than to try to step on your dreams and keep you down. The truth is, you’re way ahead of the game just by trying.

#4 – Baby steps, sweetheart.
There’s nothing scarier than looking at all the tiny little details and realizing just how much needs to be done to bring your idea to life. If you stop to look at it too long, it’s like Kaa, the crazy-eyed snake in The Jungle Book – you’ll get hypnotized and frozen.

(I wanted to put a picture of him here, but I’m afraid Disney would sue me – so just imagine a crazy snake with spirally spinny eyes, hypnotizing you with Winnie the Pooh’s voice)

Yes, you need to plan out your steps and yes, you need to do your research – but don’t get so hung up on the minutiae that you never start. Thinking you need to have the perfect plan before you start is a recipe for never starting. Get started, and figure out the little details as you go.

So take baby steps – start with each step and move forward a little bit each day and remember, you can’t steer a ship that’s not moving!

Turning your brilliant ideas into action can be hella scary, but when you do it, the pay off can be FANTASTIC. Start slow, work your way into it – and just keep taking action!